Bison Stairlifts Canada

Bison began designing stairlifts for the National Health Service (NHS) and local authorities.

They sold so well that Bison decided to sell their stairlifts through dealers across the U.K. Bison offers various models of stairlifts to suit different staircase types.

Many people prefer to have a Bison installed due to them being an established brand and their stairlifts being custom built for straight and curved staircases.

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Bison Stairlift Models

  • Self-Diagnostic Display
  • Slimline Design
  • Battery Powered
  • Swivel Seat

The Bison 50 is a great mobility solution for straight staircases. The slimline design of this stairlift is ideal for narrow or steep staircases. You are still able to use your stairs too as the Bison 50 has a foldable footrest so it does not take up the whole of your stairs. 

The Bison 80 is designed for curved stairs and is a operated on a modular rail that can be a great solution for most curved stairs. You will always have a safe, smooth ride on a Bison 80 stairlift as it will automatically adjust its speed to ensure your safety and comfortability. 

Bison 80 Innovative Design

The Bison 80 stairlift for curved stairs is the first stairlift to operate on a modular rail system.

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